At BlackFire Host we're always looking for ways to improve the stability and performance of your hosting service.

The cPanel server where your cPanel accounts are hosted currently uses open source Apache web server technology, but is due to be upgraded to a new technology called Litespeed. While Apache continues to serve many of our customers well, we have found Litespeed to be more memory efficient and faster when dealing with busy websites.

Litespeed is compatible with our existing Apache and PHP configuration in almost every respect, (apart from being more memory efficient and faster), so you should not need to make any changes whatsoever (we have upgraded tens of thousands of websites without issue). We are simply letting you know about the change because we're excited to offer Litespeed without any increase in your subscription fees.

When will we carry out the upgrade?

We will be upgrading your server to Litespeed technology on 1st November 2017 between 07:00 and 09:00

Negligible downtime

The upgrade will cause a few seconds of disruption while the active web server software is swapped over.

Upgrade moratorium

It is highly unlikely the Litespeed upgrade will affect the smooth operation of your websites - it is more likely to improve it! Therefore, to avoid any confusion, we advise customers to postpone any untested major upgrades to their software until after the Litespeed upgrade so the cause of any difficulties can clearly be established.

We thank you for your custom, and hope you enjoy the improved performance of Litespeed technology.