freeCodeCamp Karachi is organising their second workshop for ReactJS for beginners. Have you heard of ReactJS or wanna get started? They have got you covered!

This is a practical hands-on workshop on ReactJS, which is the most widely used Front End Library in the world today, divided into two sessions, where first session will be on JavaScript ECMAScript 6 and in the next session, We will dive into ReactJS by learning its core concepts and will make a real life application as well.

We are one of the sponsors for the event, so get yourself Registered ASAP !!

freeCodeCamp Karachi is organising a workshop for the awareness and explaining its importance of ReactJS in today's world on 20th & 27th November at Bahria University - Karachi Campus

Event Details:

Venue: Bahria University, Karachi Campus
Google Map:
Registration Link:
Date: 20th & 27th November, 2018 (Tuesday)
Timing: 05:30 PM - 08:30 PM


  • Registration is required
  • Basic concepts of programming
  • Intermediate knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
  • Must bring your CNIC for authentication.